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About this site

We are recruiting widely for "sorting staff" on this website.
Products that are shipped to 7-Eleven are sorted and prepared for delivery to each of our stores. This "sorting/delivery" work takes place at our distribution centers.
Convenience stores are small retail shops that deal in a wide variety of products consisting mainly of food items and miscellaneous daily goods. These stores have attained a unique level of development in Japan.
7-Eleven leads the Japanese convenience store market and has expanded to become the largest convenience retail chain in the world. Our stores are operated not only in Japan, but all over the world. We’re sure that you've had the chance to use one of our stores.

Job Details

"Sorting" involves gathering products ordered by each store from our warehouses and putting them together for delivery to our stores.
"Sorting" is very straightforward work. Communication in Japanese is necessary to some extent at the work site, however, you can do this job without difficulty even if reading Japanese is not your strong point. Take centers where product sorting is conducted by bar code for example. At these centers, when you scan a product's barcode with a code reader, the destination of the ordered product lights up. From there, all you need to do is to put the indicated number of products into the case. This task is done repeatedly. Finally, you gather the collected products and prepare them for loading onto each delivery truck. We offer training that is both detailed and easy to understand. Additionally, our senior staff will provide you with steady support as you get used to the job. Rest assured that you will be well cared for. There are many people from overseas such as international students currently doing this job.

Distribution Center Categories

A wide variety of products are delivered to our convenience stores. These products are grouped depending on the temperature at which they are kept. The environment at our distribution centers differs depending on these temperatures.
There are four categories of distribution centers.

Cooked Rice Distribution Centers
* Some centers are mixed (chilled/cooked rice)
This type of distribution center handles items such as lunch boxes, rice balls and bread. These products are kept at temperatures of around 20°C. Since the products that are handled here spoil easily, this work requires a sterilized, clean environment. Employees are provided with protective clothing such as masks and hats. In order to maintain cleanliness, it is important for employees to conduct their work according to the rules.
Room Temperature Distribution Centers
This type of distribution center handles items such as beverages, processed food items, cup noodles, candy/snacks and miscellaneous daily goods. These products are kept at room temperature. Aside from some slightly heavy objects like plastic bottled beverages, most products are light, easy to handle items such as candy/snacks. The employees do their work in a distribution center that resembles a large warehouse in a large distribution center which is like a warehouse.
Chilled Distribution Centers
* Some centers are mixed (chilled/cooked rice)
This type of distribution center handles items such as prepared foods, dressed breads, salads, noodles and milk-based drinks. These products are kept in refrigerators at temperatures of around 5°C. Most of the products are light but fragile, so employees must handle them with care.
Frozen Distribution Centers
This type of distribution center handles items such as ice cream, block ice and frozen food items. These products are kept at temperatures of around -20°C. Much of the work here is done in a freezer, but we make sure that our employees are provided with plenty of warm insulated clothing. The work mainly consists of picking out products from cardboard boxes.

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Steps from applying to being hired

Application process
From this site, search for a workplace center that you will be able to commute to. First, check the recruitment information on this site. Confirm the working conditions, etc., and then apply.
Interview process
Successful applicants will be contacted by e-mail or telephone. Telephone calls and e-mails will also be conducted in Japanese. Consult with us and decide the date and time of the interview. The interview will be conducted in Japanese. Gather up any concerns or questions you might have in advance and feel free to ask us during the interview.
From being hired to starting your job
We will explain the details of the job after your contract is signed and other documents have been filled out and processed. You will learn your tasks on-site while actually performing your job.
Salary payment
Your salary will be paid according to a predetermined payment date and method. Since salaries vary depending on allowances or the number of working days or hours, please verify the details in the documentation, etc., provided.


What kind of permission is needed to do this job?
International students are required to obtain a certificate for "Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted" in advance from the Immigration Bureau. Other non-Japanese individuals should check the working conditions stated on their residence card.
What level of Japanese is needed to do this job?
If you have the ability to conduct daily conversation, you can do this job without difficulty. Please feel free to contact us even if you don’t have a lot of confidence in your speaking ability.
I don’t have much experience, but can I still do this job?
In essence, sorting is very simple and straightforward work. If you like to move your body, you will be able to pick this job up quickly.
What kinds of people are working as sorters?
We employ people of all ages and both genders, from a variety of backgrounds such as housewives (husbands), part-timers and students. Of course, there are many active staff members from overseas, as well.
What kinds of working shifts are available?
Sorted items are delivered at times fixed for convenience stores that are in operation 24 hours a day. As a result, the working shifts are fixed. Whether it's early morning, daytime, evening, nighttime, or late at night, you can work a shift that fits your lifestyle.
What kind of people is this job suited for?
Our sorters need to be able to deliver sorted products on time. In addition to being punctual, we need our sorters to be accurate. There must be no mistakes in quantity. We encourage our sorters to proceed carefully from task to task. However, we also encourage them to develop their abilities at their own pace.